Courtesy: Nirmal Masurekar
Realizations are the cruelest part of ones life. The mind wants to grab whatever is there of the fantasy and avoid the reality but one part of the mind wants to burst out and break down in order to come on terms with it and face it outright.

I suspect it is this divide of the mind which swings between the right and wrong- according to one’s convenience, between moral and immoral, between holding on and letting go and also of living in the past and being a man of present.

I never use to buy that to live in present you have to come on terms with your past. A borrowed idea of some how just being in the “Present moment” use to float in my understanding. I think we work like the fundamental principle of Indian classical music that if you want to go and achieve the higher notes with ease, beauty and sweetness you will have to go as deep as you can into the base notes.

No matter how hard we try there are certain things that we have to come on terms with which once were in your control but not anymore. Come out of the Phantasy (Klein) world into the process of maturation.

For we are all wearing our subconscious mind on our sleeves which is unconcealed through: our behavior, existence- and in some sense non existence, the ideologies we live by, the relationships we make and break and the way we go on searching our selves in respect to within and without.

A euphemistic thought would then say that realization would make you get over the past quick and easy. But we forget that past is something dead and is imprinted with you for life like a tattoo on your flesh. Realizations stay with you for the rest of your life ethereally reminding you of the time you were growing.