It is commendable how we are able to maintain our sanity in today’s world. On the face of it sanity itself seems elusive and something that we hopelessly dodge in an argument by saying- “Isn’t it just a perspective?”

Well, time and era wouldn’t be more fertile to talk about the germination of sanity in an individual’s life. There is an epidemic outburst of duality in the society. Where if you don’t pretend, act and accept what the norm is, you would be left to wonder for the rest of your life whether it was them or you- who was more foolish to have out casted the other?

We consider our self too tiny and insignificant to be able to survive the multitude of the conditioning, customs and cultural pressure that rest of world around us is comfortable( at least they’d like to believe) with.

Isn’t it more sensible to be part of something that everyone believes rather having to deal with it all by ourselves? This is one Sophie’s choice we need to make, just that unlike in the novel, here one of the children is begotten and other adopted from the mass at large!

There is a simple process which sets insanity into motion. Whether to establish a league of our own or be led by an already established heard! The pressure is real and aftermath is devastating. Also with this we try and hold on to whatever little hope we can find in the otherwise decorated doomed world around us. We make small insignificant events seem larger than life and project them to reassure our self that life still has a meaning!.

It is indeed a talent to be able to strike a balance between facing our inner demons and not breaking down completely, and start fighting them, and not to ignore the entire mess and give up in a hopeless fit of moment.

For the ones who then decide to experiment with the choice of saving themselves from the rankling hot loo of the traditional blows, eventually discover that sanity is not something that would be revealed by a heavenly intervention. Nor would it be disclosed as a godly gospel incurved on stones. But it is a psychical legacy that each one of us gets as a gift for being a part of this magnificent expedition of evolution!

Ironically, medical science does not tag individual as insane but only deviant from the set norm of the society he belongs to. And also to the fact of his incapability to lead a normal healthy life in the said set up. This means that insanity is marked against the yardstick of the societal norms, patterns and notions of sanity! It leaves one wondering and in the loop of interrogation, that who could it be- the Individual or the Society- who is more insane!

PS: This is a two part post. The second part finds place in the debate between Sanity and Maturity.