I silently keep nurturing through all the insanity you pass, in the name of maturity.

One thing that remained pending in the previous post was regarding the nature of maturity.

For one thing, which by now we all know, that age has nothing to do with maturity. I see so many people around me daily who religiously act “their age” but not to their development of the mental faculties. They start acting an age which is sort of a standard benchmark behavior which people generally at that age has to follow.

Say for example there is a young bright boy who has found his sweetheart in the arms of science. He goes on to pursue it and woo it and make wonderful contributions in that field at that tender an age. On the other hand there is an elderly woman, who pays taxes, contributes well to the society and is dutiful and obedient law abiding citizen of the society- falls in love with a guy who is somewhat younger to her.

Now keeping all other things constant, our little Einstein would receive accolades for his dedication, and which he should by all means! And our poor old fellow would become the lecherous pervert who is after lurking young love interests and dooming their life. As we know, the most common argument would come criticizing- “That young fellow is making a contribution to world, what is your old pervert doing?” To which all we can say is, she is not acting the age set by the population at large. Otherwise if you remove all the justifications and exemplifications both of them are not acting their age but both of them are in tune with their most authentic need of wooing their hearts first.

So maturity is not something that you can claim as a pension after a certain age. Real maturity comes from suffering. It is harsh but there is no other way around. As I had said in the previous post that to avoid this suffering we like to take help of manic episodes and make petty things sound like supreme achievements or we overlook the entire point and turn down the breakdown going-on on the inside. Or lastly we go into deep depression and a state of terrible self-criticism stretching it so far so as to losing all hope to be ever able to mend the ends meet and eventually either committing suicide or go on living as an emotionally trained zombie!

Maturity is a simple acceptance of the fact that you ARE a MESS right now! Without any hullabaloo or defense mechanism kicking in to run away from the soring mental part.

The understanding of the part that you are a replica of all the things that went against you in your development and you have not yet discovered yourself! Maybe you ARE what you had fancied yourself to be! Or may be that which you had not even dreamt of being! Who knows!

Maturity is this acceptance and playfully exploring all the aspects from the start! A very long journey it seems? Well, it is! To sum it up we can say that Sanity and Maturity are like the concepts of atoms and cells.

We are made up of millions and billions of cells! Which fact is overwhelming in itself! But a closer diversification brings it to our notice that those cells are in turn held by trillions of atoms in their arms like a mother lullabying her new born!

Sanity is then the character that we wear on the outside whereas being rocked and held together by our ever nurturing Maturity on the inside!