I found myself one with the universe, only to find that we live in a multiverse universe.

Image Courtesy: Nandita Komaravolu

The field of psychology is currently experiencing a lunar eclipse. Here the illuminating light of the sub-consciousness is occluded by the celestial body of the consciousness, casting an umbra on the process of individuation.

It is hard not to imagine the profession being practiced in some deserted; dimly lit alley where anonymous figures appear and disappear without leaving a trace behind of their stories of success and struggles. Sadly, the medical therapy remains an alien concept for the poor, a waste of resource for the working class and a fad for the rich.

Let us surpass this rule and follow an exception and build some street lights and bring the profession out in the bright day light, Shall we?

Until a few years ago I was intrigued by the concepts of Psychiatry and Psychology or to say- Brain or Mind. The Psychiatry is a purely medical field and considers brain as an identity and believes that it can be influenced through chemicals- both internal and external and only manipulation of the contents can cure a person.

Psychology on the other hand studies the fundamentals of the mind. The mind is something intangible- like your identity, character and personality.

Now take a running train as your brain with all its compartments, engine and spare parts and mind as the concept of physics in motion- running that train. Mind is the fuel; the energy that is driving, pushing all the lifeless steel of the train. We can see the train while the concept of speed, time, distance and motion can only be experienced inside the running train.

What is it then?
Mind over matter? Or Matter over mind?
I’d rather say it is mind and matter over the individual!

For most of our lives we are quite comfortably sufficient within ourselves. It is only at a certain point in our life we feel that the axis of reality is shifting from its center and the connection from within has fused out. The voices in our head either become too weak or grow extremely heavy. We feel at a loss of path and seek out for our lost purpose or a new one to cater the current circumstances. This is the stage when we need an intervention, retrospection and introspection!

Sadly, most of the population considers this distortion of reality as a minor rebuttal of our inner self in response to the process of growing up. It is just assumed to be phase and a casual norm. They fail to realize that things can only go downhill from here, the gap keeps widening and the last few neural connections attaching the dying cells together of the self die an untimely death.

In psychology there are primarily two kinds of practitioners. One who is very well trained in the field and knows all the tricks and twists of the trade. He is deeply well versed with the literature and scripture of the subject. He would mostly go by the books and shall help you become the product you were before you required counseling.

Then there are these healers who have all the qualification as our former professionals- in addition- they have a miraculous gift for their clients; Gift of philosophy. They not only heal us from our all the past traumas and help us cope with life, but also give a recipe of life! In therapy they would sense our vibes and over all mental structure and in suggestions they would pass the necessary ingredients. Just how a gardener would implant the seeds in the fertile soil, so will the healer inject in our mind’s womb and impregnate our identities with a new self.

Throughout our experience they would be with us; nurturing and guarding till we give birth to our own infant philosophy. The new born philosophy would have our own DNA and would then guide us for our rest of the life. We now have our own elements to pass of this child philosophy and legacy to the entire world.

These healers are first philosophers and then psychologist, as we know psychology itself is in its adolescence stage and every now and then looks upto its mother field- philosophy and alloparents in various other fields. These healers rewrite the scriptures of psychology and change the face of the process.

The lost individual sits at the center of a labyrinth (chakravyuh) hopelessly awaiting its doom. It is the duty of the healer to choose one of the multicursal ways- dodging all the defense mechanisms and walls which have been erected by the individual while going forward into the maze- and reach the patient and hold him by his hand and transform him out of the puzzle and into the process of individuation of the outer world.

There are a few fortunate ones who go through the rejuvenating process of Kintsugi- the Japanese art form of putting together the broken artifacts with gold and silver. They acknowledge their damaged parts and go very deep within themselves finding the appreciation and courage to face the impaired self and allowing their open wounds to be filled with the precious metals and pious healing finally emerging more treasured and valuable than they were before the occurrence of the breakdown.