Image courtesy: Nuriyah Kagalwala

“See! This is the problem; you guys would never understand it. If I tell you that in my dream I saw Yanni on his deathbed- I knew that he is going to die the last time I had met him and I wanted to be the last person with him when he would die”

“… but I can explain it to you logically that…”

“You see where the problem is? At the most what will you say; that I had a troubled childhood and my dog, Yanni was the only companion, and we were too close and that I was only trying to do a wish fulfillment- You, with all your ‘Psychological insights’ can only conjecture the textbook guidelines to understand a human mind. There is definitely more to it than this dry bookish explanation.”

“No amount of Science, psychology, philosophy, religion or ideology can ever set you free; for you are never bound!”

Take your individuality as the celestial body of the Earth. Repeated bombarding from the space, the internal chemical reactions that it has conceived in her womb together with facing life changing disasters and catastrophes. She has nonetheless nourished each and every soul for as long as we have been able to measure. Individuality has a similar color to it- despite all the external invasions and internal existential crisis; it has gone on with its alchemical process of producing life and giving meaning to our mere existence.

There is something very unique about our specie. The duplex nature of our being has given us two distinct mental identities. The conscious part of our mind remains facing the outside world. It is attached to the rationale, logic and loosely based on the experiential affairs of a few past generations. Sub conscious mind on the other hand is like an omniscient ancestor sitting in its perpetual meditation, while keeping its third eye on our conscious self. We can turn to it for insights, creativity, and spiritual nourishment.

The sub conscious communicates through symbols and archetypes which are stored in the ‘collective unconscious’, which is a dynamic reservoir of human consciousness and it is as if all the necessary information learned by our ancestors was compacted and passed to us down the line of the DNA. It is an eternal vocabulary of the imageries, experiences and evolutionary insights, which are innate to human existence. This inter connected data of spiritual Eros speaks to us through symbolism, dreams, mythology and subliminal experiences.

It is amusing to observe that unlike our other cousin primate species it is only ours that has to go through the process of learning to adjust to the process of social structure. Of course, our cousin species have their hierarchy and have to understand their place in it. For most part of it they need to learn how to survive and manage their basic instincts in their inner and outer group. It is only us humans who have developed such a complex socio-cultural web that an individual in his developmental stage has to go through the strenuous task of going against the law of nature and grow out of its basic instincts.

With all the conditioning; partly as part of the family tradition and partly as the norm of the society he is born into. The child, when he reaches the age of ‘ego consciousness’ i.e. when he realizes that he has an identity distinct from his caregivers, he has two different realities in front of him. First is the reality of all the outstanding instincts- the ones which are yet to be tallied. This is the individualistic gap which has been created due to childhood upbringing. Second is the stereotypical reality which is imposed on the child of all the external mediocre expectations of the mass at large.

The child is not mature, independent or secure enough to able to take an unbiased decision for himself, therefore more often than not he chooses to take part in the circus of second reality thereby giving birth to his duality. This is the first step towards the infectious individuality.

The later years of his development are only measurement of his achievements against his age. He runs with a white flag in one hand to put it up against the milestone set up by the society. This acceptance of mass reality is the stage when his divide is total. He becomes the product of the society. There are two beings existing in one individual.

Mass at large is nothing but collection of such incompetent and impotent individuals. Mass becomes the wall for the ‘Shadow’ of the individual. The mass itself lives by the superficial ideals and policies of a juxtaposition of depressed utopian world. There is absence of creativity, novelty and progress in the collection of mass.

The psychologists are too biased in their approach to the process of individuation as they believe that therapy is the only way to reach to the individuation journey. The most important pre condition to individuation is the realization that there is a divide. The acknowledgment of the fact that there exists a split in the identity is the first step towards the process.

There have been cases where people have realized it outside the realm of therapy. When one shifts its focus from the external chaos to the inner carnival of creativity, intellect or innocence- he would surely see the way out of the duality. There are examples of transformations where therapists have connected their clients to the areas in which the clients had the potential there by diverting the force inward.

The end goal of the realization is switching off the dissimulation and grow into ‘in-dividuality’ which means there is no further possibility of divisibility of the self and only one whole remains.

I believe spirituality to be the perennial flow of the self through the timeline of the collective human existence. Spirituality is the process of diverting all the forces of the running mind inwards and experiencing multidimensional ‘Spirit’, which is the base of all the emotions and instincts in human beings. It is a process of accepting the sub conscious in all its eccentricity and embracing its ancient language and unravellimg its subtle-mystical messages. Acknowledging that one exists beyond the realm of the Mass and within the depths of an archaic civilization is spirituality.

We symbolically resemble the Devrish Sufis while attaining the process of individuation. Like the saints we whirl on our own axis – working our hold on the center- tighter with each swirl. We draw chakras and mandalas representing our whole self and wholeness of the universe we live in. Meditating on the ‘Bindu’ (center dot) and abandoning all the baggage of past conditioning and the ego consciousness and from that center radiating an eternal enlightenment of a new foundation of the self and spread through encirclement a vibrant diffusion. Creating an aura of self-centeredness, awareness and connection to a spiritual entitlement. Here the self becomes the measuring point of the reality. We move in repetitive circles representing in ourselves the imitation of the solar bodies moving around the Sun.
In Sufism there is a tradition of putting the God in the place of a lover and renouncing and immolating everything to that lover!

Where is this love- It is within!
Where is the God- It is within!