Hello people!

This is a slightly different sort of a post! I wanted to share one of my poems since a long time. But other topics always occupied my mind and demanded my immediate attention. But so far I have been at peace and also got some time to translate the poem as well!

So here we go!

Image Courtesy: K. Nandita

Waisi bhi ik jagah hogi jahan woh kehte hain sahil ke rait par shua -e- qamar jami rehti hai
Jahan behar bujata rehta hai roshan sulagti arzoo ko, par hardafa woh dugani roshni se machalti hai!
Dur se yun lagta hai mano kisi ne sang e marmar utha rakha hai jo darakshan- grehan zada aftab se chaak hota hai!

Waha shaistagi ne abhi woh zuban hi ijat nahi ki hai ki jismei kauf-e-roz-e-hashra ka ho
Azhal se yun pak hai woh zameen mano bhag e bahisht se adam ki jaat ko khureda hi na ho

Ae meri Joza Elaheh, mere Firdaus ki Namabar- aa chal hum bhi yeh jahan dundhne chalte hain!
Yeh insaani mulk toh riwayato ka mureed* hai!
Yeh bada hee ‘mainstream’ hai!

The Translation

There would be one place where they say moonlight has frozen on the sand of the beach.
The ocean tries to wash away the bright burning desire,but it shines more brightly each time!
From far it seems as if a marble is held up and dissected by the eclipsed blazing sun.

There the civilization has not yet invented the language in which there would be the fear of the Judgement Day.
Since the beginning the place is so divine as if Adam was never uprooted and sent there from the Garden of paradise

Oh my Twin lover,my Heaven’s messenger- come we too will look for this place..
This humanly world is so customary!
Its too mainstream!

Originally I had written this poem for a Gemini friend of mind. After which a lot of things got amended in real life as well as in this poem! But you can find the essence of it in the last verse of the poem.

Twin Lover and Messenger of Heaven are the connotations to the Gemini Zodiac sign. Where the twins stand facing one another and they were considered to be the messengers of heaven who would run between celestial bodies and heaven carrying the secret messages for our world from beyond!

Also Joza in itself means Gemini.

Riwayato ka mureed- Disciple of customs.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Many more are in line!