Location: Mysore.
Image courtesy: Aditya Worah

It so happened a few years ago that my parents decide to give three out of four rooms in my native house on rent including mine. I was very fond of my personal space and independence whenever I would visit my parents.

This moved me deeply and from a personal experience it went ahead and merged with the collective plight of the landlords universally!

This being a free verse rant from the perspective of a landlord it ventures into his greed and helplessness of the situation.

Here is the original verse followed by its translation.

The poem

Teen khane mere zaheen ke chadh gaye kiraye par
Mai ek kone mei baitha amdani khaa raha hu

Khasta ghar ka dhancha badli kar maine naye raste ijjat karwaye, bojha dho len mere karaya daro kaa- maine diwar-o- dar durust karai aur chidwaye bunaye ghar ko mahine ki fixed tankhwa wali job pe laga diya.

Ji chaha kabhi ke yeh saara bandha bandhaya beda le kisi ajnabee ke sar madh du aur hijrat-o- naqal makkani kar lun-
Barhal yahi Landlords ka hi toh dhandha kamraan hai har jagah
Kahan ab mukhtalif mitti mein tarashun hamwafa makiin?

Ek hi ab toh bistar bacha hai mera pichle kamre mein,
Ishtahar uska bhi zahir kara rakha hai local akhbaro mein;
“Koi hai khareedar meri iss akhri peshayi kaa, jo hai toh mai meri karwatein samet kar pada rahunga dahine bazu; gusal khane ki aur muh karke”

Sadhe teen khane mere makaan ke chadhe hai kiraye par- apne hi kamayi ki zilth tale pada hu.

The Translation:

Three compartments of my conscience have been rented out
Sitting in a corner I am living off its proceedings.

Altering the architecture of the ruined mansion, I invented new passages- in order for it to shoulder the burden of my new tenants I have reconstructed the walls and the doors of it- ultimately I appointed this decked out house on a fixed monthly basis salaried job!

It occurs to me that I should assemble this assorted mess and lumber it on to some strangers head and migrate and translocate to a foreign land!
Anyways, the profession of landlords is flourishing in every nook and cranny!
Where now on an alien soil will I find a faithful tenant?

Well, now there is only a mattress left in my backroom
An advertisement in the local papers have been published for the same – “Is there a taker of my last offering? If there is one then I would crouch up my routine of rolling sides and keep lying on the left side of the bed facing the bathroom!”

Three and a half compartments of my house have been rented out
I am lounging under the filth of my own earnings!