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Over the years I have penned down many verses, couplets and poems in ghazal and free verse formats.

The ones published here happen to be a few of the verses which are really close to me for a reason, they saw me evolve over the years- not merely as a poet but also as a human being!

They are like a brief passage from where I come and the nostalgia I carry from there on!

A shout out!

A special mention here is mandatory of all the people who have contributed to this and my previous blogs through their images.

It helps add a new perspective to the write up and also deepens its meaning. For this particular write up, I have various contributors:

1) Naqsh-e-paa – Harsh Parekh

2) Dafatan- Shreya Bhammar

3)Tum- Aditya Worah

4)Kaali Zuban- Radha Patel

5) Chand ke waris – Radha Patel

6) Paper Moon – Samira Sule

— — — — — — — —

Image Courtesy: Harsh Parekh

Naqsh-e-paa || Footprints

Tere naqsh -e- paa se hoke aati hain mujh tak jo halkora- e- aara kash

Jaise shuan- e- shams behti ho nizam -e –shamsi mein-

Julsa deve hai attarad ke mah -o- saal ko jo
Wahi sabab-e- aaraish hayyat -e-khalq-e -kurra- e -arz banti hai!


The ripples in the river that reaches me through the remains of your footprints

Are like the rays of the sun flowing across the solar system-
The scorching rays that smoulders the months and years of the planet Mercury

Same warmth becomes the reason behind the flourishment of the life of the population here on Earth!

* * *

Image courtesy: Shreya Bhammar

Dafatan || Everyday

Kya tumhe bhi ik nazm sunayi deti hai
jab khudko aaene mein dekhti ho tum?

Maine dekha hai tumhare chehre pe dafatan ik nayi nazm chappi rehti hai,

Carbon paper leke ik din jo nakal uttar lunga uski
Aur sunaunga jab tumhe
Dekhna tum hi bologi phir ke, “Wah! Kya likhte ho”!

Ae nasreen-e-jaan aaene mei roz chehra sunna karo apna


Do you even hear a poem when you look at yourself in the mirror?-
I have noticed there is a new poem engraved on your face daily!

One day ill put a carbon paper over it- take an impression and recite it to you-

Trust me, praising it you would say- “Woah! How beautifully you craft these poems!”

Oh life of the wild rose do listen to your poetic reflections in the mirror daily!

* * *

Image Courtesy – Aditya Worah

Tum || You

Basa pada hai mere peeche shaistagi se zamana sara
Tere sath yun lagta hai jaise alag hai kuch shaksiyaat apni

Jo tu hai toh lagta hai dusre saiyyaro pe bi numaya hain nishan mere-

Mere aur bhi jahan hain iss qarar yafta zameen ke alawa


Behind me the world is populated with an entire civilization
With you it feels as if I have a different identity

If you are by my side it seems as if I have my existential imprints exhibited on other heavenly bodies as well-

I have other worlds too beyond this convention ridden land!

* * *

Image courtesy: Radha Patel

Kaali Zuban || Black tongue

A house wife’s rant.

Phir kaunsa rang poth laye ho tum apni zuban par?
Jo main koi baat rakhun toh alag hi mizaj chadh jata hai uspe

Tumse kitni martabah kaha hai apne siyasi akhbaro pe ghar ka khana naa khaya karo!

Ab Padd gayi na lal zuban kaali!


Again what color have you daubed your tongue in?
If I put forth any point, a different temperament takes over

I have asked you endless times not to eat the home cooked food off your political newspapers!

Now deal with your red tongue turning black!

* * *

Image Courtesy: Radha Patel

Chand ka waris || Inheritor of the moon.

Kagaz ka chand uffak se uttarke
Kashti banake uski tujhe bhejunga
Tu sukha ke usse apne kamre mei chipka lena

Dekhna chaudvi ki raat mei
Tera ghar bhi Mars lagega;

Do Do chand ka waris!


I would pluck the paper moon off the sky
Make a boat out of it and sail it to your house
Dry it and pin it up in your room

Youll witness how on a full moon’s night
Your house too would look like Mars;

The inheritor of two moons!

* * *

Image Courtesy- Samira Sule

Paper Moon

Aaj chand apne thhan se do sateh neeche aa gaya hai
Na tavaan chand par hath rakh afsurda mashooq likhengy be shumar mah- o- saal- e- wisal- o- firaq ke dastaane!

Iss shoridal alam mein tu dekhna-
Sehar tak yeh chaand aur siyah ho jayega!


The moon has come two levels down from its dais today
On this feeble moon melancholic lovers would compose and scribble their countless legends of months upon years of separation and reunions!

In this frantic state, you’ll witness-
Until next morning the moon would have turned more ink stained (dark)

— — — —

Hola! I hope you enjoyed going through the brief passages of my past and its translations!

I am also planning to share full length ghazals and other nazms shortly. Followed by obviously some posts on mental health awareness and psychology!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned!