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The heartbreaks, romance, soul searching and the year has been full of falling in and out of intimate moments with oneself and the world around!

A year that never made me feel alone at the same time always pushed me to complete myself❤

The Poem

Cold hands empty pockets
Oh baby! Thats not true-
I have two pockets full of destinies!

Moonlight stuck on the soles of my feet since the day you said you do not belong to me!

There is a place they say, where people are believed to be together
Oh my love! Lets never go there
For he is a fool who stays put under an obligation
There is still time for the world to find a synonym under which we belong to one another

For the last time I have locked us out of the house
Baby look at the fireworks burning down our evening star
Tell me..Oh! Tell me now that finally you dont belong to anyone
Go on and tell me when was the last time you had to lie to yourself?
Oh now that you are set free tell me what makes you burn from the inside out?
Oh baby, what makes you go weak in your knees?
How do you breathe with all the secrets that you have to keep?

In your heart you say it feels like the Fourth of July but darling can’t you see its only the beginning of the New year’s Eve!
Oh can you feel it? The warm moonshine burning under your blazing skin?

Bold lands with fiery spirits
Baby- the world is for you and me
We are two souls full of fantasies
Dont you worry
I have two pockets full of destinies!