Image Courtesy: Shailja Nair

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The poem under all narcissism is dedicated to myself and also to the people going through a similar crisis!

It is just one of those poems which help you bounce back when after all the soul searching you still do not find a satisfactory answer to the self doubts hanging over.

It is an internal monologue between my Drama Queen side of the personality and the one I consider mature.

I hope it clicks with you as well!❤

The Poem

Just walk over the heartache
You are more than you think you deserve
Come on to the tidal side of the moon
and we’ll show you how we do it over here

You are a lone bird draping in the sunlight
The wind, the sky, the city is yours to revere
“Am I so easy to walk away from?”
Oh darling, excuse us, we do not do dead talks over here!

Whats the hurry? Where is it that you have to be?
Look how slowly the moon wanes from night to night making three sixty five days just a year!
You are a beginning of an orgasm- a forest morning still asleep
Remember that, if you ever find it hard to breathe.

So what if you had a worthless childhood? You have saved yourself from it
Believe me you are nothing like your past
You have conquered a world within
Now enough with you getting on my wick
Get on with the business- bring out for the world- the Drama Queen that you are!

Burn down the walls, go naked on the streets
The townies will dare not shut their eyes
You have a window to their souls of the lives they left behind
You are a walk through the oceans of the undiscovered minds
A ride to Alpha Centauri
You are an Odysseus’s rhyme!
You are a love making pigeon amidst a war time!

“You gotta keep it sane”, “You have to keep rolling up your game”-
If you ask me- ditch that, just be etched in your skin
Until again the world tries to entangle you in one of its petty riddles!

Screw that- come over to the tidal side of the moon
and we’ll show you how we do it over here!

Drifting above the gravitational jazz
Find yourself a brand new sol (a bright star), my dear!