Image Courtesy: Babu Kunju

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I find the format of rap to be rebellious and inspiring! It seems to be the voice of the suppressed common man and especially the youth.

I did not intend, while writing this piece, to give it the shape of a rap but the theme and I guess the rebel within me caught up the beat and it sounds like a rap now.

Even if I write like a hundred raps, I still wont call myself a rapper- for the rappers have a different talent and passion towards this craft and it solely belongs to them!

Catch a beat and let it begin!

The Lyrical Rap

You have such a crass taste in humour
You call me names: Fruit fly, Mediocre, A member of the middle class genre

Can’t you see I have developed a mental disease
Caught up in the plague of the corporate sleaze
Please loosen up your grip a little bit- I can’t breathe!
You bore me like an outdated daily soap
My feet dont fit the stairs you’d bait will take me to the top
All I see are the corpses of my dreams
piling on
I am already on the brink of giving it up all!

My veins are numb am ruining out on drugs
How long can you feed my dreams and childhood metaphors?
I want to scream I want to cry it out loud
You say we have a client meet?
Fine, ill reserve my breakdowns on stand by for now!

Coming back to my house I am still half way there
I still have to dust my bones for years at stretch
I belong to a family which is hollow on the inside
They all stare at me as if I am the only sane one alive

“I cannot provide for you anymore” I heard a child rehearse on the street
He is eight- listen- but wait
He is soon man of the house to be
I walk on and let him do his bit
He called out- “Sir this is what I wanna be!”

He had a picture of Magic in his hands
I had seen it but do not remember when
I started to lose my skin a spine grew from within
I thought I had lost it a long time ago
I took the Magic in my hands
Wondering if this I could still afford!

I always knew it underneath but self doubts were there to be
Hanging over my head like air- forcing me to be someone else
My eyes hurt with all the dreams the ones I crammed in for you to please
I break down in between the lines thinking about how life has been
By days my brain is going shrink My bones rattle with banal things
Is insanity finally kicking in? Or is it just one of my passing mood swings?

“Dont bother knowing thyself too well”- they said
“You were a legend all along- we just forgot you to tell”
“You are a poor man you got your duties to abide”
I am a free wild bird mistaken for a cut kite
I am no enthusiast to find my way out of the maze
Jumping, grooving and having a ball
I am Freddie Mercury left loose on the stage!

You gave in to their lies- I can tell you this, you have by hearted each one of their worldly tricks
Well, you had a retirement plan ready by the age of twenty six
I dont pay a dime if you get high fantasizing about your weekend thrills
You make me sick you make me dull
I am hardly moved, by the stories of your glorifying struggle
This is not my scene I do not want to sound mean
For all you know I have a brand new world within
I am an archetypal piece of art baby,
Breathing through a living being!


Dont let that beat fade away honey! ❤