Image Courtesy: Shailja Nair

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We have all been through days when life becomes a bit too mouthful!

All you wish for is the strength from the Universe to see you through it. This poem is inspired by a friend and her struggle through a metamorphosis phase shes found herself into!

The poem is a gentle reminder that; When we act up, life embraces us with subtle signs and warm hugs. Now if life is acting up- let her get over with the tantrums and it’ll be all how you ever wanted πŸ™‚

Amidst a Moon Storm

Dont you fall out of colors leaving behind the shades of fainted sounds
Your bones make up most of my day dont lose on them and break down
I know its not always that you can turn down death from coming
Its just for today- that I ask you to breath and be more self loving
I know there are days when you want to clip your wings and sit by idly
Maybe by the lake or in a coffee shop without an identity
These are the days that make way for better days to come
Your wings would fit you perfectly and make you feel so young

Just a breath: a day or a week at once-
Not long before youll see the shades of color- fueling your tummy fire on!

You have been a gracious fighter- finding your way out of the Moon storm!