Image courtesy: Sradhanjali Sahu

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A subtle and fragile, love poem. This adds perfectly well to my collection of poems and shall stay a really close and personal one.

A poem with many interpretations but subtle connotations.
A sonneto written for a friend and stays hiding many undercover observations and attachments.

Wrapped around in mysticism and secrecy, a lyrical poem for you to relish!

I hope it grows up well 🙂 ❤

The Poem

Oh my fragile friend, who could crumble a mountain
Would you fancy to become the moon to my evening star?
Would you encompass upon me, like a fresh skin, taking over a scar?

In a distance I hear the rain fall- it hasn’t stopped in a million years
Eternal beings learning to breath
They hum a tune to call upon the noon that keeps yearning through your ancient Diyar!

Strolling in Paris looking through the exhibitions of your favorite art
The smell of the summer night which arouses me high- drips from in between your arms
While the goosebumps continue to flame under the weight of our colliding spark

Talk to me like months speak to the years
Dont extinguish the moon flames with the tip of your fingers
Gasping for breath in between- your skin changing colors with passing of the spring
Under your tongue continues to burn the red dust from the ocean beds of Mars!

Wearing the sweat of our love,
You walk through our cloths lying on the floor
Stroked in majestic pink
You seem to have borne the phoniex’s wing
I am your Valentino with my desires out on prowl
Tempestuosly waiting to coil around his Forbidden Flower!

Oh my fragile friend, the pinnacle of my ink
Frame the bites on your feet inherited from walking in the worldly shoes too far
Id wait for you by the aging moon
Until you return from waging wars against your past!

Oh my fragile friend!..