Image Courtesy: Shailja Nair

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Happy Women’s day to one and all! ā¤šŸŽŠ

On this very special day, Id like to share one of my very personal poems with all of you.

The poem is a metaphorical reality. A journey like none other. The piece is inspired by the personal struggle of accepting one’s own feminine side with grace.

To make you a bit more comfortable with the format, there are two lovers who walk pass a black hole and become one. So in the body of the poet enters the body of his lover.

It is how the poet explores the world and his new journey, with his female lover inside his body and mind, is what this poem is all about!

A shout out to all the feminine vibes, not just the ones present in women, but in every man and in the consciousness of our universe! ā¤ā¤

The Poem

We will walk through a black hole to come out as upside down
Some of yours with some of mine- while the world looks at us with a pinch of doubt
Two souls in a single mind
A loose verse with a bunch of rhymes
Ill touch you when ill touch myself
Ill bleed you when ill cut myself
When you’ll kiss someone ill recede inside
When Ill kiss someone I want you to close my eyes

Dont move too swiftly or the dream would change
The bed sheets fueled with colors of our personality stains
We are a bunch of old school rockabilly with a taste for operatic
Id better shut up now or the world would take me for a lunatic!

There is a penny for a thought that you’d spend on a sport
We would go starving for the night
Eating prose singing poetry for the strike
Bringing me to your old town memories
I feel a breath of a mother humming me a lullaby
There would be tears in my eyes through the nostalgia of your previous life
You’d hold on to my lungs; while crumbling and resurrecting on my insides

Ill have that time of the month and your mornings would be a lil hard
Id feel the need to look pretty and for you to scratch our beard
Id have the Freud’s Envy you’d go after my mommy
We’d be a bunch of chemicals running chaos for a freak tragedy show!
My fingers shiver with anxiety I dont feel my legs anymore
While you think it to be a good idea to stay for an hour more
You ask me whether the shadow is made up of matter
While I wonder will this meal survive us till dinner

When we walk topless you cover our chest- I begin to blush- under my own breath!
I bring you some worldly books to date You jump around my head while I try to meditate!
I speak a new language, I can compose new lyrical all by myself!
Or was it because of the French class you took the previous year?
Summer mornings, I get us breakfast in the bed
You run your fingers on my belly, I play with your messy hair

When you are fired up I go searching for beauty and some faith!
I look for shades of colors that define the feminine grace
I look more pink I give up my skin, I have no intent of being myself anymore
Occupied in brief moments of spasmic shocks! – I arch my back- with my legs crossed!
In the mirror by our side, I am serenaded in a vulnerable sight
I have lost my speech in ecstacy, I gesticulatively mime
I am losing the weight of my built in pride!

Oh -what have you done to me, baby?
You made me fall in love with my endangered heights!